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April 30th, 2008

[ Accutane For Sale, Brace yourselves for the world's longest blog post. I wrote this as a Word document, 1000mg Accutane, and it kind of got away from me. (Perhaps I thought I was back in college, writing a paper for Intro, 750mg Accutane. to Women's Studies, Accutane overseas, only with more sentence fragments and less structure.) So here is What I Think About Princesses, Part the First, because I couldn't handle looking at it when I had it all as one post, 500mg Accutane. Part Two will be up this afternoon, Accutane paypal, so check back if you are riveted by this subject. Also, Matt and I welcome your comments on the whole phenomenon, so please weigh in or share your insights -- if you have time after reading all this. 

I’ve written a lot about Siena’s Nutcracker Ballet Obsession, but not as much about its wicked stepsister, the Disney Princess Obsession, Accutane For Sale. I actually prefer the Nutcracker Obsession, telling myself it suggests an underlying passion for the arts, Accutane craiglist, and also because it provides the benefit of regular exercise (for all of us) as we reenact the entire ballet on a daily basis. Accutane japan, The Disney Princesses, on the other hand, don’t actually do much, 250mg Accutane. I mean, Accutane coupon, in their own individual movies they do plenty of things, but as a collective (the way they are marketed by Disney to three-year-old girls) they just kind of sit around looking fancy.

We own countless coloring books, stickers, 100mg Accutane, lip-gloss sets, 150mg Accutane, and other such junk featuring three or four Disney Princesses grouped together, often wearing matching dresses. You might expect to see them with other characters from their movies, 20mg Accutane, but I guess the animal sidekicks and whatnot aren’t as fancy and therefore deemed less interesting to little girls. My problem with this trend is the way it shifts the focus away from the actual stories and onto the fanciness (and homogeneity) of the beautiful princesses.

Accutane For Sale, I’m not convinced these ladies and their Princess-branded products are sending messages we want to send about women, or girls, and what’s important to them.


The whole girly princess thing started gradually for us. 30mg Accutane, Before Siena was born, I thought (isn’t it cute how new parents, or parents-to-be, Accutane india, always have these theories?) that maybe this Princess Obsession was sort of created by parents. 40mg Accutane, I didn’t believe in innate differences in the interests of boys and girls; I thought those differences were something they picked up from the adults around them. Like when the parents are all, “Oh, Accutane mexico, I’m having a boy – better decorate the nursery with cars and trucks!” and then the little boy grows up surrounded by trucks and, 200mg Accutane, naturally, loves them. And then the parents laugh and say, Accutane usa, “He’s just such a boy!” as he plays with his trucks.

[Side note: Elliot’s nursery contains an E.T. doll, a gift from friends, that just happens to be Elliot’s favorite item in the whole entire world, Accutane For Sale. 50mg Accutane, He would pass up legions of BALLS! for five minutes of putting E.T.’s feet in his mouth and laughing about it – so, yeah. Maybe a happy kid will love anything you give him or her -- instead of a truck theme, Accutane uk, we just happened to go with extraterrestrial. Accutane australia, Which means I’d really prefer not to believe in a link between gender roles/expectations and nursery décor, frankly, as I’m not sure how the E.T, 10mg Accutane. thing fits into that theory.]

Anyway. Accutane us, I thought maybe the Princess Obsession developed like this: parents have a baby girl. Because she is a girl, they surround her with every girly pink thing in the world, Accutane ebay, they give her dolls and princess-themed toys to play with, Accutane canada, they call her their little princess, and lo, she’s obsessed with princesses. Ah, how naive I was. How overly optimistic, too, thinking my kids would care that much about what their parents thought would be interesting to them.

Since having an actual daughter, instead of just a theory, I have revised my position: the Princess Obsession has a life of its own.

[Here I pause, to allow you to get back to your jobs for a while, and because people in my house are crying. Stay tuned for the next installment of Everything I Think About Princesses, to be posted later today.]  


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