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May 16th, 2008

Thanks for all the comment discussion on last week's post about Elliot and the baby doll Discount Vermox, . We’re always interested in what others (parents and non-parents alike) think about these issues. Vermox mexico, In keeping with the nostalgia for college that writing brings out in me, I thought about doing a post full of links to research on gender roles and child development. Then again, Vermox japan, you guys know how to use the intergoogle too. 20mg Vermox, So for now, I will just post this picture:


Let the Billy Elliot jokes commence.

Research (via intergoogle and also from actual books) is a big part of our my parenting style, Discount Vermox. It can be reassuring to know that what you are doing has been "approved" by studies that show it to be beneficial, 30mg Vermox. On the flip side, Vermox overseas, it can be stressful to learn that you've been doing something the experts advise against, or even something downright unsafe (using bottles made with BPA; putting drops of liquid mercury on the high chair tray for the baby to play with while you make dinner [don't worry -- I stopped doing that months ago, as soon as he was old enough to toddle over to the knife drawer and keep himself entertained that way instead]).

And then there's the whole question of how much these studies apply to our specific situation, 1000mg Vermox, to our little family's unique set of values, Vermox paypal, stresses, and aspirations. In the case of plastic bottles leaching toxins into my baby's milk, 150mg Vermox. I'm happy to replace all our bottles and sippies with new ones that are BPA-free. Discount Vermox, We’re out a few dollars and we didn’t take a chance on something that could be dangerous. Vermox canada, But with the gender stereotypes issue, it’s not a simple matter of replacing some stuff and hoping the replacement products don’t turn out to be equally hazardous in some other way. It’s a matter of helping our kids figure out who they are as people, Vermox uk. The stakes are higher, Vermox australia, the research is conflicting, and there is no control group.

So we read the articles, and maybe even a book here and there, Vermox coupon, and we talk about it. 50mg Vermox, We also just listen to our instincts and look at what seems to be making everyone feel good about themselves. This post covers what we've come up with so far.

Matt and I think it’s our job as parents to send consistent, supportive messages that give our kids plenty of room to be as girly or “boy-ee” as they want, Discount Vermox. If they gravitate to one “side” or the other, we will not be disappointed, 40mg Vermox. Our toys are not black and white to avoid any chance of stereotyping. Vermox india, Our toys are Disney Princess Pink and NBA Orange and John Deere Green, and on most days both kids play with all of them. (And fight over them.)

I just went through their summer wardrobes, 750mg Vermox, and Elliot will be sporting a palette of navy blue and red this year, 250mg Vermox, with lots of neutral khaki shorts and cargo pants. Discount Vermox, Polo-neck shirts/onesies feature prominently. Siena, on the other hand, 200mg Vermox, will wear one of her five sundresses each day, 100mg Vermox, except in the unfortunate event that they are all dirty simultaneously, at which time she will deign to wear a skirt and pink butterfly T-shirt.

Frankly, my summer wardrobe is not that different from hers, Vermox ebay. Sundresses are comfortable when it’s hot out. 10mg Vermox, And Matt will go to work each day in a polo shirt and khaki pants. And come home to mow the lawn, while I make dinner in the kitchen, Vermox craiglist. But if we eat dinner outside, Matt will grill, Discount Vermox. And if I see a spider, Vermox us, I will freak out. Stereotypical behavior abounds, and I don’t see anything wrong with any of those things.

We’re not against toys, Vermox usa, clothes and colors that are traditionally associated with one gender or another. 500mg Vermox, We are wholeheartedly against limiting their options. We want our kids to explore everything that catches their interest. We know they’re going to get enough pressure from peers and TV to dress or act certain ways. We don’t want to add to the pressure.

We’re even trying to avoid rolling our eyes when Barbie calls Siena on her princess-pink cell phone, because we don’t want to her to feel like there’s anything wrong with her “girly” interests. As long as “girly” includes playing sports in addition to playing princesses, I think we’ll be fine.



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