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August 18th, 2008

Buy Imitrex Over The Counter, I like the idea of our computer's "Stickies" feature, where you can leave notes to yourself on pretend Post-Its on the computer's screen. Imitrex usa, Unfortunately, it appears I've been neglecting a crucial step in actually using these as reminders to myself: the step of looking at them ever again after I type the reminder, Imitrex japan. Imitrex india, Apparently, I just type out whatever I deem important enough to put on a Sticky, Imitrex coupon, 50mg Imitrex, then leave it to languish indefinitely on the desktop, buried under 900 other pages that I "need to keep open" until I finish them, 100mg Imitrex. 750mg Imitrex, It makes for a fun game of trying to guess what I meant when I made the notes in the first place. Here's a list, Imitrex canada, 500mg Imitrex, word for word from my Stickies:

1. "Elliot sea monster, buy Imitrex Over The Counter. Siena zookeeper." I vaguely remember that when Elliot was learning to crawl (shows how old that note is) his awkward creeping motions resembled a sea monster undulating through the water, 1000mg Imitrex. Imitrex craiglist, And the Siena zookeeper part is obvious -- that remains an ongoing obsession/career destination.

2. "Siena -- dance obsession, 10mg Imitrex, 40mg Imitrex, particularly Irish Dance. Looking at picture of SATC cast: 'Are the Irishers, Imitrex paypal, 30mg Imitrex, Mama?'" Siena's older cousin used to do Irish Dance; it came up in conversation somehow and we YouTubed some videos of the lines of dancers with arms linked and only their legs moving. When she later saw me looking at a site with a promotional photo for the Sex and the City Buy Imitrex Over The Counter, movie, presumably showing Carrie and Friends with arms around each other, it totally made sense that she would ask if they were Irish Dancers. Or even better, Imitrex overseas, Imitrex australia, Irishers.

3. "Siena looking at Tio Matt's picture of haircut: 'You mean he got his hair cut in LA, 200mg Imitrex. 250mg Imitrex, Maybe everyone did?' " To a four-year-old who's only ever seen her uncle with impressive dreads, it's probably quite a shock to see him with short hair, Imitrex ebay. Imitrex mexico, It seems plausible that he would do something so drastic only as part of a mass hair-cutting event involving the entire population of Los Angeles.

4, buy Imitrex Over The Counter. Copied and pasted from a long-lost review: "Gazela Vino Verde from Portugal, Imitrex uk, Imitrex us, a slightly effervescent, low-alcohol wine that's perfect for warm weather, 150mg Imitrex. 20mg Imitrex, (Hennepin Lake Liquors has had it on sale for $4.99 a bottle.)" Hmm. Still haven't tried this wine, probably because its name is recorded on a Sticky on my computer, which I never seem to have with me when at the liquor store, darn it. But the $4.99 price tag is appealing, as is the "perfect for warm weather" description. Perhaps it's worth transferring this information to an actual sticky note that I can put in my purse and consult next time I'm wine shopping.

Time to go rethink my Notes To Self strategy.

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2 Responses to “Buy Imitrex Over The Counter”

  1. sara Says:

    And now you’ve had the vino verde!

  2. Laura Says:

    Yes, as Sara mentioned, some sort of Divine Wisdom heard my wish to try the Gazela Vino Verde and lo, it appeared before me at dinner the very same day I posted about it. If that’s not an argument for having faith, I don’t know what is.


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