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August 25th, 2008

Discount Buspar, Hmm. So, 500mg Buspar, 150mg Buspar, Matt and I claim to be laid-back parents. The kind who aren't all about preparing their children for college admissions with every preschool activity, Buspar overseas. 100mg Buspar, We aren't looking to enroll in any pre-professional performing arts programs, or put together a competitive "package" of grades, Buspar usa, Buspar australia, test scores and extracurriculars. Not at the age of four, Buspar us, Buspar coupon, anyway. 

We don't want to be pushy stage parents or aggressive coaches who get in fights with other parents at children's sporting events. I don't care what Mozart could do at the age of three, Discount Buspar. (If it was anything less painful than bang every key at once and then switch the keyboard to a pre-set Bossa Nova beat that repeats endlessly, Buspar canada, 40mg Buspar, his parents were lucky people. Plus, Buspar paypal, 250mg Buspar, they probably didn't have a Cassio keyboard on their dining room floor.) We want to encourage our kids to explore, to try new things, Buspar india, Buspar uk, to learn, to practice skills and get better, 200mg Buspar, 30mg Buspar, but also to just play and have fun.

So given all that, why does Siena's fall schedule resemble the "Activities" section of a college application, Buspar mexico, Buspar ebay, as filled out by an anxious and over-extended high school senior?

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: bilingual preschool.

Tuesday nights: 90-minute music class.

Wednesday nights: dance.

Thursday nights: soccer.

Saturday mornings: swimming lessons, 10mg Buspar. 50mg Buspar,  

(Although when I look over the activities, I see a gap in the volunteer/community service arena, 20mg Buspar. 750mg Buspar, We'll have to find a soup kitchen where she can serve meals, stat, Buspar japan. Discount Buspar, Or, you know, sometime in the next thirteen years.)

And now, of course, she is begging us to add gymnastics to the list. Buspar craiglist, After watching Shawn Johnson and "the pink girl" win gold medals, it's all she can talk about, 1000mg Buspar. She needs to work on sticking her landings, though, if she wants to go to college on a gymnastics scholarship. Right now she falls on her side after every cartwheel, and that's at least three-tenths of a point right there.  .

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  1. Florie Says:

    I am thrilled that she is developing a passion for gymnastics. She could be the next Nastia! Although you will need to add gymnastics to the rotation of weekly activities soon!


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