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October 10th, 2008

Imitrex For Sale, My current to-do list is entitled: OMG How To Clean & Put All This Stuff Away. It contains a Googolplex of things I need to do in order to spend another minute in my house without going stark raving mad, Imitrex us. 30mg Imitrex, But the kids are napping now, so instead of doing those things and risking waking anyone up, 150mg Imitrex, 10mg Imitrex, I am just getting out of here. Taking some junk to thrift stores, Imitrex coupon, Imitrex australia, and probably picking up some new junk to bring back home. Which will then be added to The List, 20mg Imitrex, 50mg Imitrex, and subsequently ignored for the next six months, until I get fed up again and decide to get rid of it, 750mg Imitrex. And thus the cycle continues. 

Oh, and were you wondering why blog posting over here has been either nonexistent or eye-stabbingly boring lately, Imitrex For Sale. Imitrex india, (Like this post?) It's because of the junk, for one, Imitrex paypal, Imitrex usa, that is threatening to swallow us all (in the last few weeks, both of my parents have unloaded multiple cars-full of lovely things things that need to be put somewhere things that are slowly killing me with their very presence), 40mg Imitrex. 250mg Imitrex, It is also because Matt has started a new job (within the same organization) with a totally new schedule, which has him home in time for dinner every night (praises be!) but completely eliminates my morning writing time, Imitrex ebay. Imitrex canada, And my every other spare minute of writing time has been consumed by articles and writing class assignments, which I promise, 200mg Imitrex, Imitrex craiglist, will benefit catnamedpig readers any day now, but just not quite yet, Imitrex mexico. 100mg Imitrex, (Writing class lesson #1: write something interesting. Imitrex For Sale, Laura: FAIL. Good thing it's not for credit.) 

Also, 1000mg Imitrex, Imitrex japan, (because who doesn't love a good hog pile of to-do lists?) we're going on two trips this month. Which should be totally fun and laid-back, Imitrex overseas, Imitrex uk, because Elliot is happy to sit still for long stretches of time. ON A COLD DAY IN HELL, 500mg Imitrex.  

Thank you for your time. You may go read something interesting now. Let me know if you need any stuff, furniture or baby clothes or pretty much anything else you can think of. We've got it here somewhere. .

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2 Responses to “Imitrex For Sale”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Matt – congrats on the new position!!!!! We need to get together soon and hear all about it.

  2. Florie Says:

    Congrats on the new job! Tell us the details….


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