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February 11th, 2009

Buy Toprol No Prescription, Matt and I were in Michigan this past weekend. 50mg Toprol, I may have Twittered about the fact that we were in the car almost as long as we were in Marquette. This was not to complain about the trip, Toprol paypal, Toprol canada, which I was happy to take in order to attend my friend Heather's baby shower, but rather to emphasize just how very far away Marquette is from Minneapolis, Toprol overseas, Toprol australia, and how much that sucks.

It sucks because when this baby arrives, he is going to need to be held, 750mg Toprol, Toprol craiglist, a lot. They all do, Toprol india. 10mg Toprol, And his parents will be great at holding him, but they will also get tired sometimes, Toprol mexico, Toprol uk, or want to load the dishwasher, or occasionally take a shower. When they want a break from holding him, 20mg Toprol, Toprol japan, I would love to be there to step in. I'm great at holding babies (I'm very careful, because I am secretly terrified that I will drop someone else's baby -- that the baby will slip right through my arms -- and that would be the worst thing in the world, to drop someone else's baby, Buy Toprol No Prescription. I mean, Toprol us, 100mg Toprol, dropping your own baby would be horrible enough, but at least it would be your baby, Toprol coupon. 200mg Toprol, Your responsibility. You would be the one who would have to live with the consequences, 40mg Toprol, 30mg Toprol, as with any parenting mistake. But to drop someone else's baby -- that's grounds for severing a friendship, 1000mg Toprol, 250mg Toprol, for filing a lawsuit even. Buy Toprol No Prescription, I think I'm digressing here; the point is, I am the most cautious babyholder you could ever find because I have this paranoia.)

Since my kids are more likely to tackle me to the ground and sit on me than allow me to just hold them, I am more than ready to hold other people's babies. Actually, Toprol ebay, 500mg Toprol, my kids are still pretty cuddly, but I end up getting head-butted or kneed in the underwire or somehow injured every time I hug them, Toprol usa. 150mg Toprol, Holding Heather's cousin's adorable three-month-old Julien over the weekend, I remembered how nice it is to hold a baby who is too little to squirm his way to the floor when he is done with the holding. 

Anyway, the one good thing about Heather and Sean living so far away is that we can make a nice little family road trip to visit them after the baby comes. (I am not sure if that is meant sarcastically or not; I will let you know after the trip.) Siena is excited about the baby, of course, but also adores Heather and Sean's two dogs and regularly asks me for updates on them. And when I was leaving town for the baby shower, Siena sent some very specific instructions with me:

"Mama, when you go to Heather and Sean's house, you have to tell me what color the baby's room is. And, does it have a mobile, Buy Toprol No Prescription. And tell me how the two puppies are doing."

Photos from the shower are here, including one of me playing The Price is Right with baby products. Everyone said "Oh, Laura has two kids -- she'll be great at this," but I wasn't -- I sucked. Apparently I was too sleep-deprived during the days when I shopped for these products to have any concept of how much I was spending. Which is right where the companies selling these things want you to be. That explains why our house is full of broken, worthless, child-proofing devices that do absolutely nothing they are supposed to, and "educational" toys that have taught my kids nothing but how to rip pages and scatter game pieces like dandelion fluff on the wind.

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  1. Heather Says:

    We had a great time with you guys and can’t thank you enough for coming. Hopefully Siena will still think that we can be good parents without a mobile, tell her that we are working on it, but no guarantees…


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