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March 15th, 2009

Just came across this article Actos For Sale,  on about how cognitive functioning apparently drops off after the age of twenty-seven. 500mg Actos, So that is great news for me, turning the big 3-0 this year, Actos coupon. Actos ebay, And then you think about the fact that Matt is two years older than me -- it's a wonder he can even put on pants every morning!

Anyway, as I skimmed it (twenty-two-year-olds smartest; people over twenty-seven struggle more with reasoning, Actos mexico, 30mg Actos, speed of thought, etc, Actos japan. 100mg Actos, . , Actos canada. .) it occurred to me, just based on a non-scientific sampling of friends of mine:

Most of the people we know who have kids are twenty-seven or older, Actos For Sale. 40mg Actos, . , Actos india. Actos uk,  Hmm. I would say this declining mental capacity seems to correlate pretty closely with the onset of parenthood, 250mg Actos, 20mg Actos, at least for many people I know.

No wonder twenty-seven-and-olders are struggling with reasoning and speed of thought -- they are sleep-deprived and constantly distracted. I mean, 10mg Actos, Actos australia, DUH. Or something, 750mg Actos. Actos usa, I forget. I'm tired and old, Actos craiglist. 1000mg Actos. 200mg Actos. 150mg Actos. Actos paypal. Actos us. Actos overseas. 50mg Actos.

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  1. Renee Says:

    Laura, I’ve been reading your blog during my down time at work and I love it! You are a talented writer and a great mom. I’m a new follower.
    Renee (Heather cousin)


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