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March 24th, 2009

Matt wrote a nice post Discount Augmentin,  about the struggle to balance two loves-bordering-on-obsessions: his for basketball, particularly March Madness basketball, and mine for kids' birthday parties. I thought overall he did a pretty good job balancing everything. He even took Siena to the Minute Clinic on Saturday, after the friends' party we attended that morning and before the first of Elliot's two parties at our house, Augmentin india. (Yet another ear infection, Augmentin ebay, because why wouldn't it be. It's not like we would want an important occasion in our lives to pass without a trip to the doctor and pharmacy.)

I, on the other hand, 100mg Augmentin, abandoned all pretense of balance and went stark raving crazy over desserts, 20mg Augmentin, for some reason. I spent the two days leading up to Elliot's Saturday birthday baking not two, not four, 50mg Augmentin, but six dozen cupcakes. Which in hindsight may have been a tad many, considering that we were having one party of about twenty-four people (hey, Discount Augmentin. 30mg Augmentin, that's two dozen. not a billion!) and one party of about twenty. And considering the fact that I was also making a cake, 1000mg Augmentin. That's right. Crazy.

The planning process in my head went something like this: Discount Augmentin, Well, the cake might not turn out, so cupcakes would be a good back-up. Augmentin paypal, Kids love cupcakes -- they might actually prefer those to the cake. Better make enough for each kid to have one. And some people don't like chocolate, Augmentin usa, so I should make some with no chocolate. 150mg Augmentin, But I like chocolate -- so we have to have some chocolate ones. So I'll make some of each, Discount Augmentin. That's cool. But then the kids might want one of each, 40mg Augmentin. And maybe the adults will want one of each. Augmentin japan, It is hard to choose. I should make enough so that everyone can have two.  [Quick finger-count of people coming] Discount Augmentin, I might be missing someone. Better make some extra, just in case I counted wrong. And that's how we ended up with a Wall-e cake and a thousand little Wall-e cupcakes (we love us a theme party, Augmentin mexico, around here).


No picture of the cupcakes, 200mg Augmentin, although I could probably just post a picture of my stomach bulging out over the top of my pants. This party has been my own personal (Laura, you're fat because you make ten-billion cupcakes for a birthday party and end up eating approximately nine-billion of them yourself because nobody needs that many cupcakes), Augmentin australia. So if you're reading this, Augmentin coupon, please feel free to stop by and eat some cupcakes for us -- before I have to replace my wardrobe. I swore I'd never wear maternity pants again.

Anyway, aside from the onset of my Compulsive Baking Disorder, Augmentin us, the parties were a lot of fun. Elliot had a blast with all the friends and family, Discount Augmentin. 500mg Augmentin, He received many excellent toys for the park and backyard this summer -- dump trucks and sand-diggers and bubbles, a tetherball set, a sprinkler, 250mg Augmentin, even a lawn chair to sit in and relax after a long day of play. Augmentin overseas, Many other fabulous gifts, too, and Siena has been busy "showing him how they work" (read: playing with them while he cries "My toon, 750mg Augmentin. My toon!"). 10mg Augmentin, He has also worn his new rain boots every time we've left the house since Sunday.

For our part, Matt and I gave him a Wall-e robot that moves and talks. Discount Augmentin, (You would not believe my child's undying love for this movie. It's like Siena's Nutcracker fixation, Augmentin craiglist. Hmm. Augmentin uk, I wonder where it comes from, this obsessive tendency. Oh, Augmentin canada, yeah -- see above references to March Madness and cupcake baking. Right.)

All in all, aside from the ear infection (poor Siena), it was not a bad way to spend a weekend. Check the sidebar for pictures on Flickr and/or Wall-e's voice on Podcast Named Pig, if you're so inclined.

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5 Responses to “Discount Augmentin”

  1. Laura's Mom Says:

    It was an awesome cake–especially all the gummy candy “trash”–a big hit! Elliot claimed all the “rojo” ones, but then he was the birthday boy. BTW, we’re planning a road trip soon in my “rojo bye-bye”–he asks me about it every time he sees my car. ;-)

  2. joanna Says:

    dude, that cake is awesome! btw, i forbid you to ever describe yourself as fat again on this website, even in jest. in fact, i think should be renamed oh wait, i guess i’m not allowed to forbid you to do anything. oh well. love you guys!

  3. James Says:

    That is an amazing cake. You get an “A” for attention to details.
    My son absolutely loves robots and he’s asked for a robot cake for his birthday. WALL-E is his favorite movie. Do you mind me asking where you got the little figurines from? (Or did you make those, too?)

  4. Laura Says:

    The toy robots were from the Disney Store. I thought the kids would enjoy playing with them after the cake was eaten, but Siena has apparently hidden them away in a location so secret she no longer remembers where they are. Fortunately, Elliot is only two and has probably forgotten he ever saw them.

  5. James Says:

    Kids are so great at putting things somewhere and then forgetting where they put them. My son seems to have a talent for doing this with one sock out of each pair.


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