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April 16th, 2009

Flovent For Sale, From where I'm sitting, I can see the thermometer: 74 degrees. There was a point in about mid-February when it had been so long since I'd been thoroughly warm that I couldn't remember what it felt like, Flovent uk. 500mg Flovent, We are grilling out tonight with our extended family, Sara and Avery, 20mg Flovent, Flovent usa, and I'm wearing Matt's T-shirt that says Proud to be AWESOME.* Mother Nature should feel the same way.

In celebration of Spring. Finally, Flovent us. Flovent ebay, and spending more time outside, here are some artistic photos, Flovent paypal, Flovent canada, I think taken by Siena.



And here's one from a few weeks ago, when it was still cold and we just sat around yearning to be outside.


Even when we had friends over for playdates, 30mg Flovent, 250mg Flovent, as you can see Siena, Elliot and their buddy Jackson gazing out the front door and wishing they were outside running around with bare feet.

The only drawback to the official presence of Spring, 750mg Flovent. Finally, Flovent For Sale. 100mg Flovent, seems to be the bugs. Siena is terrified of bees this year (we're still not sure if Elliot actually got stung, 200mg Flovent, Flovent craiglist, or if that was just her paranoia). We spend a SERIOUS lot of time talking about bees and other insects, 150mg Flovent, 50mg Flovent, and which ones sting or bite and how much it hurts. My favorite discussion went like this:

Siena: And getting your ears pierced is just like a bee sting -- right, Flovent mexico, Flovent japan, Mama.

[ Flovent For Sale, I had described it that way in a previous conversation. I told her she could have pierced ears whenever she wanted and that was what it felt like, Flovent coupon. Flovent australia, So far, she hasn't wanted to.]

Mama: Yeah, Flovent india, Flovent overseas, I think so.

Siena: So if I get stung by a bumblebee, that means I can just head straight over and get my ears pierced.

Mama: Well, 40mg Flovent, 1000mg Flovent, um, not exactly, 10mg Flovent. I mean, it would still hurt when you got your ears pierced too. It's not like getting a bee sting makes everything else not hurt.

Siena: I hate bees.


*I gave it to him for his first Father's Day; being the modest type, he never wears it. I, on the other hand, am happy to broadcast that message to the world.

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4 Responses to “Flovent For Sale”

  1. Florie Says:

    LOL- My mom took the same approach to getting my ears pierced. She said it would hurt like a “shot” and when I was brave enough to go and not cry, I could get them done. I waited until i was 6….almost 7. My mom warned me on the way that it would hurt and If I started to cry mid-way through we would get up and go (with only 1 ear pierced). I think that was an idle threat. I remember it hurt a lot, but I was more interested in having 80’s dangling earings than I in the potential pain. Good Luck Siena…maybe this is the year for ear piercing?

  2. Kim Says:

    I like the t-shirt saying. I got my boyfriend one that says “There is no charge for awesomeness” because he kept quoting that line from some kid movie. I think Kung-Fu panda. He never wears it. Maybe I should start… :-)

    Yay Spring!!!

  3. Brenda Says:

    Hi Laura,
    I agree – yay spring! I went to high school with Matt and came across your blog when we became facebook friends. I’ve added your blog to the “blogs I read” section on my blog and I feel I should introduce myself. I was feeling like a bit of a lurker. Your family is just so wonderful and interesting! I can relate to your stories even though my little one is not quite 11 mo. I appreciate your honesty when writing about your parenting experience. It rocks and you’re awesome. You should be proud!

  4. Laura Says:

    Flor – based on Siena’s terror of bees at the moment, I don’t think she’ll be up for ear-piercing any time soon. Maybe next winter, when the risk of bee stings is remote. . . .

    Kim – you should totally wear it. :)

    Brenda – thanks for all the kind words and for introducing yourself! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the blog. Thanks for reading.


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