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April 21st, 2009

Toprol For Sale, Looking at Twitter, I see that Matt and I both mentioned No TV Week this morning, within about five minutes of each other. 20mg Toprol, I twittered about it before I had even had a cup of coffee today. That should give you some idea of the impact it's having on our formerly peaceful little household.

Let's back up, 50mg Toprol. Toprol coupon, You might be wondering: what is No TV Week. And how much TV are these kids accustomed to watching, 1000mg Toprol, 100mg Toprol, that they can't give it up for a week without freaking the ever-loving heck out?

No TV Week is Siena's preschool's version of "National Turn-Off Tune-In Week," a fascist plot decent-on-the-surface movement to make people examine their TV viewing habits, Toprol japan. I say "decent-on-the-surface" because, in theory, I agree with them, Toprol For Sale. 500mg Toprol, Americans watch too much TV. Kids watch too much TV, Toprol india. 250mg Toprol, Commercials create false desire and people watch TV instead of communicating with each other, which is sad, Toprol craiglist, Toprol mexico, and eat junk food while watching, which is unhealthy.

But here's the thing, 10mg Toprol. Toprol paypal, My kids don't watch too much TV. Toprol For Sale, (For the most part. Sometimes they do, Toprol overseas. 30mg Toprol, I am not made of magic here.) They don't watch TV with commercials. They don't watch TV during meals, 150mg Toprol, Toprol us, or in place of any quality family time.They watch two PBS cartoons (one hour total) each morning. They watch the first one while Matt showers and heads to work and I eat breakfast and drink a pot of coffee, 40mg Toprol. Then I either a) load the dishwasher and get ready to go to the gym or b) take my shower and get ready for the day during the second cartoon, Toprol For Sale. Toprol ebay, An hour of TV is an intrinsic part of our morning routine. Depending on what time they start watching, 200mg Toprol, Toprol uk, they might even learn something. I've heard both of them yelling out alphabet letters during "Super Why" ("Super Y?").

And, Toprol usa, Toprol australia, being kids, they love their routine, Toprol canada. 750mg Toprol, LOVE IT. Toprol For Sale, Don't want to mess with it, unless puppies and waterslides are involved. So I knew this wasn't going to go over well when I saw the "homework assignment" from preschool. In addition to keeping the TV off for a week, we have to fill out a worksheet with drawings and descriptions of what we did instead. I'm sure the teachers would love to see things like "read lots of books" or "built a replica of the White House, complete with the First Family and Bo the Dog, out of popsicle sticks."

Unfortunately, Siena is going to have to turn in a sheet depicting all of us screaming and fighting with each other. Maybe she will draw the time-out she was put in today, or the way she stomped into room and slammed the door yesterday. Maybe she will phonetically spell out some of the words I muttered while waiting for the coffee to brew during her time-out today, Toprol For Sale. (I hope not. That would be embarrassing. Especially if it said "wirst fa-king idee-ya EVER" or something. I'm just sayin'. Not made of magic.)

No TV Week is probably going to end with somebody calling Child Protective Services, or with me telling my mom it's a good thing she has that extra queen-sized bed in her new condo -- I'm moving in with her.

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4 Responses to “Toprol For Sale”

  1. Laura Says:

    Oh, and P.S. Just went from writing this to my feed reader — The NY Times’ Motherlode blog covers the same topic, only, you know, in a more grown-up style. (No phonetic cursing.) If you want some stats on how much TV people watch:

    I was happy to see Lisa Belkin shares my frustration with this “event.”

  2. Amy Says:

    As soon as I finished reading this entry, I turned to my husband and posed the question – “If you kids only watched one hour of TV a day, free of commericals, and missing said TV could cause a major tantrum – would you give up for a week?”

    His response – “H–L No!”

    So you are made of stronger stuff than we are:)

  3. Laura Says:

    Stronger stuff, or stupider stuff? The jury is still out. No epic meltdowns today, but plenty of grumbling. The problem is, we can’t back down now because we told her at the beginning that we were going to do this for a week.

  4. Amy Says:

    At least I get to learn from you;) Small comfort, I know. Our thoughts will be will you this week.


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