Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Yard sale. Whew. Glad that's over. And glad we won't be doing it again anytime soon, 200mg Stromectol. Siena seemed to like it, though -- she wants to have another one today, 750mg Stromectol, and tomorrow, and the day after. She mentioned this plan repeatedly as I was hauling stuff in last night when it was officially over, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. I was too tired to respond, so she probably thinks it's a go, Stromectol us. (It's not.)

Is this boring. I'm getting a little bored typing here. 500mg Stromectol, Blah blah blah let me chronicle for you how I sat on my front stoop with Sara and Matt and sold stuff I didn't want to people who apparently did want it. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Which in some cases led us to chuckle as they walked away. There was even a celebratory fist-bump when some crazy suckers put our HUGE, HEAVY entertainment center in their truck and drove away with it. Now we don't have to move it, Stromectol coupon, ever again. Sweet relief.

And then there was the Star Wars Family. 30mg Stromectol, (One quick yard sale story, and then I'll get back to covering breaking news stories and interviewing celebrities and all the other exciting stuff you normally come here to read.)

The Star Wars Family consisted of Star Wars Dad, a youngish -- for a parent -- father of a boy who was perhaps Siena's age. We'll call the boy Star Wars Son, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. There was also Star Wars Mom/Grandma, Stromectol uk, but she came later. . 250mg Stromectol, . .

Star Wars Dad* and Son came by Sunday morning and spent a good half-hour looking through every single comic book we had put out for ten cents each. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Then they looked through every single VHS tape we had in a cardboard box for twenty-five cents each. (Many of these were Star Wars -- perhaps I should be calling my own family the Star Wars Family. People in glass houses, Stromectol overseas. . . on Tatooine, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. 50mg Stromectol, . . shouldn't throw stones. Or something, 40mg Stromectol. You know the saying.)

THEN they spotted the framed Star Wars Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, movie posters, which used to adorn the basement of the house I grew up in. These were a whopping dollar apiece, because we need to give Siena and Elliot room to explore their own geeky obsessions (expect to see framed Nutcracker art in our house very soon). Stromectol ebay, Star Wars Dad was PUMPED when he saw these.

But he didn't buy them then. He explained that he didn't have any money, and that he wouldn't until later in the day. He even asked if we could hold the stuff till Thursday, 20mg Stromectol, because he might not have money until Thursday. (I said no -- this stuff needs to be OUT of here.)

Since he could have bought everything he wanted for under four dollars, this having-to-wait seemed slightly strange, but I know, times are tight, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. Whatever. Stromectol australia, He was obviously a fan, so we set the posters aside for him and he promised to come back later in the afternoon to buy them.

He came back all right -- he walked by two or three separate times throughout the day, always with Star Wars Son. And I'm not talking about just strolling by on their way somewhere, Stromectol mexico. I mean they walked along our side of the street, checked out the sale some more, 150mg Stromectol, then walked to the corner and crossed to walk back along the other side of our street. More than once.

But the best part was when the sale was over and I was packing stuff up to burn throw in a dumpster try to sell at a friend's sale in two weeks because I am a masochist.

Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, Star Wars Dad and Son came back, as promised, with Star Wars Mom/Grandma this time. (So named because she was not the mother of Star Wars Son, but of the dad.)

She had the money. And we still had the posters, Stromectol japan. And the movies. And one of the comics, Stromectol paypal, but not the one they had particularly wanted. (This was disappointing to Star Wars Dad, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. And to me, because I had to hear about it. A lot.)

Star Wars Mom/Grandma was amazed when I told her the price for the posters, Stromectol india. Shocked. Horrified, Stromectol canada, even. Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, She blinked, looked at me with her mouth agape, and exclaimed, "But you're practically giving them away! WHY?"

I shrugged and mumbled something about how they were huge and we didn't have room and I went back to my packing. But then she asked how much the movies were. I told her they were a quarter.

"WHAT. Really?"

"Yeah, Stromectol craiglist, seventy-five cents for the set."

She narrowed her eyes and looked at me with her head to one side. "So, 1000mg Stromectol, what, do you not even LIKE Star Wars anymore?"

Uh, no, lady, 100mg Stromectol. I like Star Wars plenty, buy Stromectol Over The Counter. I just don't want to wallpaper my house with it, all right. Stromectol usa, And we already have not just one, but two boxed sets of the VHS movies. And we also have the DVDs. I think we're set.

They quickly bought up everything Star Wars-related that we had left and loaded it into the car, 10mg Stromectol, probably trying to rush it away from toxic environment of our supposedly Star Wars-hating house.

And that is why we will not be having another yard sale any time soon.


*It is difficult to describe Star Wars Dad without using the word nerd. He was so exuberantly nerdy that he could have been playing a character in Revenge of the Nerds Buy Stromectol Over The Counter, . He was the walking embodiment of every nerd stereotype of the last century -- the glasses, the slicked-down hair, the awkward social interaction, the nasal laughter. Everything. I am not trying to be cruel here -- just trying to convince myself that this guy was for real. And that he had a child with him calling him "Dad" -- indicating the existence, at some point, of some sort of relationship between this guy and an actual woman. Hard to fathom.

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5 Responses to “Buy Stromectol Over The Counter”

  1. sara Says:

    Clearly I worked the yard sale on the wrong day!!!

  2. Amy Says:

    I once saw Steven Colbert on a late night show talking about how extensive his Star Trek obsession is. And when he got to the end he said, “And you know what is really amazing? That I have actually procreated. There is hope for Star Trek fans everywhere.”

  3. Laura's Mom Says:

    I told you those Star Wars posters were valuable! ;-)

  4. Crystal Says:

    Oh my gosh…Star Wars dad…what a riot! I worked my friend’s garage sale a week or so ago and we had super antique collector guy. Told us about his walk-in safe, everything that he collected, especially silver tea sets, and proceeded to tell us how cheaply priced our tea set was. He talked all about the model number and what a great find it was, etc. However…he didn’t buy it. Said he’d come back, but never did. Now I’m mad that I had to listen to his antiquing stories and pretend to be interested.

    It’s much better to be on the buying side of a garage sale for sure.

  5. Laura Says:

    Definitely better to be on the buying end of a yard sale. On Saturday I picked up a snowsuit for Elliot and EIGHT items of clothing for Siena — for a whopping total of $4. Four dollars. My children will never wear new clothes again. Only “new to them” from now on.


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