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June 11th, 2009

No RX Hormone, On the front steps just now, Siena and Elliot were waiting for Matt to take them to the "Splash Pad." The snippet of their conversation that I overheard was not particularly funny or remarkable in any way, except that it was so exactly them, so typical of their interactions and roles in the family lately.

Siena: "Sit down by me, Bud."

Elliot carefully inches his way across the step, then sits down on the step below the one Siena is on.

Siena: "No, Bud, you have to sit on this one. Hormone australia, Because this is the one I'm sitting on, see?"

Elliot [whining slightly]: "Why-eee?"

But he complies with her request order, Hormone india, Hormone mexico, moves up a step and settles himself right next to her. He spots their goggles near the top of the beach bag and reaches for them, Hormone canada. 250mg Hormone, Siena, anxious to protect her property from his grubby, 10mg Hormone, 50mg Hormone, destructive hands, jumps in before he can grab them:

"Do you want your BLUE GOGGLES, Hormone usa, Hormone us, Bud. Do you want to hold YOUR BLUE GOGGLES?"

I can hear the tension in her voice, Hormone japan, Hormone ebay, her concern that he will grab both pairs, yet she is not yanking them away from him, 20mg Hormone. She is diverting him, directing his attention away from her goggles and encouraging him to focus on his own BLUE GOGGLES, No RX Hormone. 100mg Hormone, The emphasis in her voice, and even the slightly strained note (please let this not turn into a fight) is an exact imitation of mine, 40mg Hormone. 750mg Hormone, She is parenting.

Elliot [enthusiastically]: "YEAH!"

Siena: "Should Sister hold her PURPLE goggles?"

Elliot: "YEAH!"

She has succeeded. Her goggles are safe in her hands, 500mg Hormone, 150mg Hormone, and with his support even. There will not be a squabble, Hormone paypal, Hormone overseas, this time.

I do this a thousand times a day, this sort of delicate intervention before tempers flare, 1000mg Hormone, Hormone uk, but it catches me by surprise to hear it from her. Makes me realize how much she is absorbing; she is really listening to me even though some days you wouldn't believe it, 30mg Hormone. Hormone coupon, I wonder what else she is picking up. Hormone craiglist. 200mg Hormone.

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  1. Amy Says:

    This is what scares me about parenting the most – what will they pick up from me that I don’t want them to pick up?

    But, it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job:) If only all 5 year olds could have such conflict negotiation skills. Really – if only all adults could!


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