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August 26th, 2009

That last post No RX Diclofenac, wasn't as great as I wanted it to be, so I think I'll start over. (Ha. Perfectionist Humor, Diclofenac australia. I crack myself up.) But seriously, Diclofenac coupon, the subject is still on my mind as we prepare to send Siena off to kindergarten next week.

Siena has been asking me for stories about when I was her age, and I have a hard time remembering much about kindergarten, Diclofenac canada. I remember walking to school, and getting in the wrong line to walk home* the first day until my best friend Heather spotted me and told the teacher we were supposed to walk together, No RX Diclofenac.

I also remember getting in trouble once and having to sit in the Time Out Chair because I got bored during Circle Time and started looking at books on the shelf next to me. 10mg Diclofenac, (Neither of these stories is really helpful right now, as I attempt to quell Siena's fears about starting school. I also got the chicken pox ON HALLOWEEN in kindergarten and no, Diclofenac overseas, I will not be sharing that little anecdote with her either.)

But one memory that really stands out to me, Diclofenac ebay, when I think about those first few years of elementary school, is the day I didn't have homework in first grade. That's right, 40mg Diclofenac, day. I did homework every single night of first grade, Diclofenac craiglist, except one. No RX Diclofenac, Why. Was my average suburban neighborhood public school that rigorous. No, 50mg Diclofenac. Was my first grade teacher especially draconian, Diclofenac us, drilling us relentlessly with letters and numbers and cutting out shapes. Hardly.

I had homework every night of first grade because I was never willing to be done with anything, No RX Diclofenac. It was never right; it was never good enough, 500mg Diclofenac. I colored so slowly and meticulously that by the time the other kids had finished two pages, Diclofenac japan, I still had three-quarters of my first one left. If I cut out a shape and it didn't look right, I started over on a new one, Diclofenac mexico. I asked my teacher for multiple copies of worksheets, Diclofenac india, because I had written one letter wrong and when I erased it, it looked sloppy. No RX Diclofenac, I actually remember the teacher telling me some of these projects looked fine, she thought they were great just the way they were, and I remember being disappointed by her low standards. I knew they could be better, 200mg Diclofenac, and I brought them home and worked on them until they were closer to what I thought they should be. 30mg Diclofenac, Or until my parents made me go to bed.

Then came the glorious day where, for whatever reason, 150mg Diclofenac, I decided to color a little bit faster even if that meant a little bit sloppier, Diclofenac uk, and I got everything done within the time allotted at school. I got to come home and play until bedtime. You know, like a kid, No RX Diclofenac. It was great, 20mg Diclofenac. But then I remembered the green crayon going slightly outside the shapes of bushes and trees. 750mg Diclofenac, (Seriously -- I still recall exactly what that picture looked like, that Gateway to Slacking Picture that paved the way for every unfinished project I have ever abandoned since then. That picture is probably responsible for the disastrous state my house is in at this very moment.) And when I thought about that horrible sloppy coloring, Diclofenac paypal, I felt sick. No RX Diclofenac, I had homework every night for the rest of the school year. Diclofenac usa, I've spent the years since then seesawing back and forth between On Time and Good Enough. Things that are Good Enough for my inner panel of judges rarely come without the price of multiple sleepless nights (or I'm still working on them now) and things that are done On Time. Well, 250mg Diclofenac, I mostly despise the living daylights out of them. 100mg Diclofenac, Anyway, I share this lifetime of inner turmoil to demonstrate that I am clearly not the best role model for Siena when it comes to her perfectionist tendencies. I don't know how to help her balance getting things done with feeling good about her work, as I have clearly not mastered this yet myself, No RX Diclofenac. I want her to do well in school, 1000mg Diclofenac, but I want her to enjoy it more than I did. (Except college. I want her to enjoy college less than I did, and I would not be at all upset if she spent every weekend night in the library studying.)

Maybe you have a better handle on this stuff than I do. If so, I want your advice. No RX Diclofenac, I have to get this figured out now, before she gets to first grade when the pressure really starts.


*For some reason they didn't know where I was supposed to go, and when they asked me where I lived, I guessed and pointed in the exact opposite direction of my house**.

**Note to teachers: do not rely on a five-year-old's sense of direction in such important matters as which way to send them walking home from school by themselves***.

***Note to self: your sense of direction has always sucked. Let's try and remember this the next time you casually decide to just "take a different route home from Target and see if it's any faster." It won't be, because you'll get lost and confused and you'll spend an extra twenty minutes driving around while the kids ask incessantly, "Are we LOST, Mama?!?".

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6 Responses to “No RX Diclofenac”

  1. sean Says:

    It took me almost thirty years to realize that, while some things need to be done right, other things just need to be done.

  2. David Says:

    Along Sean’s sentiment: more isn’t necessarily better: sometimes it’s just more.

    My advice is to stress the importance of frame of reference rather than degree of perfection. Since time is the ultimate of finite commodities, learning to partition this appropriately is universally important…and in research, essential. Identifying minutiae is only valuable if the disease will be closer to treatment.

    How to instill such reference in a child with the brainstorming capacity of a supercomputer? Well, that’s probably one of the greatest things about being a parent, and at first glance: insurmountable. I suspect a frame of reference is important for the parent here as well. However, if Siena understands that legible letters will help her communicate better to the person who is reading, or coloring between the lines will make a more precise image that the viewing audience can identify – she’ll figure out what’s good enough and what isn’t.

    Plus, and a big plus at that: if you’re already perfect at 5? Those are shoes that will always seem a half size too big to fill when 6 or 30 come along.

  3. Katie Says:

    I had a very hard time finishing all of the tasks posted above the board in grade school, because I just HAD to complete my penmanship assignment in perfect Palmer Method. Once my incomplete work started making me miss soft pretzel time at recess, I quickly discarded penmanship perfection for the perfect combo of salt and mustard on bread. Maybe that’s why I still rush through my work to get a delicious doughy reward.

    Not a very helpful comment, but wanted to let you know I totally sympathize.

  4. Adrianne Says:

    I think you and I BOTH got chicken pox that day. I was so bummed out that I couldn’t go to school but Mrs. Krafka came to my house that day after school bearing an ice cream tub full of all the candy I’d missed. I’ve got to tell you that Siena looks just like you and I LOVE that picture of her dancing in the old dance costume….you went to JAS too right? Oh childhood memories……I remember walking halfway up the street to school during the winter and then deciding it was to cold to walk and walking back home.

  5. Laura Says:

    Adrianne, that’s so funny! I can’t believe that we both got sick on Halloween. Tragic, for a kindergartner. And yeah, I went to JAS for a while too, but only one of my costumes survived. Heather and Gretchen did dance for years and years, and they recently gave us a huge box full of old costumes which the kids have been putting to good use.

  6. Laura's Mom Says:

    First day of kindergarten story for Siena–

    Since we lived within walking distance of your school, a small army of parents walked to school with all of you kids to take pictures (remember the one of you walking up the steps to school in your pink jumper?)–and, although I’m sure you didn’t realize it, we were also waiting outside when school let out. (There was no way you would have ended up going off in the wrong direction, even if you were in the wrong line!) After that, we let you and Heather walk with her big brother–a 4th grader (practically a grown up). ;-)


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