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January 5th, 2010

Discount Stromectol, I have been called out, both by readers and by my advertising network (Did you notice the ads in the sidebar. Stromectol usa, Click them and I might be able to buy a latte once a month or so!) for not updating in more than two weeks. What kind of mommyblogger doesn't post adorable Christmas photos the minute the last gift is unwrapped, 30mg Stromectol. 250mg Stromectol, Answer: the kind that's too busy drinking Champagne and shoveling Christmas cookies into her mouth as fast as humanly possible, that's what kind, 500mg Stromectol. Stromectol us, And I will not apologize for that prioritization, either, Stromectol overseas. But I will apologize for the fact that the last thing I posted, lo these many cold winter days, was a story about cat barf, Discount Stromectol. Stromectol japan, If you were checking for adorable Christmas photos and had to keep seeing that instead, I am truly sorry, Stromectol mexico. Stromectol coupon, And if you didn't care either way and still don't, well, Stromectol ebay, Stromectol india, feel free to grab a glass and join me on the couch. The Christmas cookies are all gone, Stromectol paypal, 50mg Stromectol, but there are still a few cupcakes left from New Year's Eve. And plenty of wine in the box, 1000mg Stromectol. Discount Stromectol, [Side note: Matt and I are conducting a highly scientific study of Boxed Wines. 100mg Stromectol, This will take many evenings of research until we arrive at an acceptable house red and house white. Please leave your favorite in the comments, Stromectol canada, 10mg Stromectol, if you have one. Seriously, 750mg Stromectol. Stromectol craiglist, Tell us. It's for Science.]

And now, allow me to redeem myself for the cat barf story and for all this un-motherly talk of cheap wine, by FINALLY posting some Christmas photos:

Xmas09 12-23

I gave Siena my American Girl Samantha doll from when I was younger, Discount Stromectol. We gave Elliot a book with CD, Stromectol uk, Stromectol australia, one of a series that he is absolutely obsessed with. Siena's eyes filled with tears when she opened the doll, 150mg Stromectol. 20mg Stromectol, I don't think I even need to tell you what that did to me.

Xmas09 pizza

Making the traditional Christmas Eve Pizza with Grandma, 200mg Stromectol. Discount Stromectol, Every year my mom brings over all the ingredients, the kids "help" assemble them, and we stuff ourselves silly on the world's most delicious pizza. 40mg Stromectol, This year the kids also took everyone's orders for toppings, each with a little notebook and pen. Siena's list said: "Shrimp, FADA, olivs" (shrimp, feta, olives) and Elliot's list said: "O O X T E E E I" which I'm pretty sure is Robot for "plain cheese."

Xmas09 pizza orders

Xmas09 glasses

Santa brought the requested magnifying glasses, as well as Wall-E's gal pal Eve. They spend most of their time sitting on the piano and talking to each other loudly, usually when I'm trying to carry on a phone conversation. The magnifying glasses, it turns out, are the best $3.99 (each) I've ever spent. I mean, that Santa has ever spent, Discount Stromectol. Of course. Endless "clues" are unearthed and things are examined closely wherever we go.

Xmas09 dad's

It snowed so much Christmas Day that we decided not to drive two hours to Matt's parents' house. Fortunately, my dad had  blocks to play with and he had prepared enough food for a wedding reception, so our Plan B worked out just great.

Xmas09 computer

Then we got together with Matt's family the following day. Siena got a laptop and then spent most of the day updating her Facebook status and blogging about how her mom wouldn't stop eating cookies.

And now I'm trying to resist the urge to say something cute and wrappy-uppy like "All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas." Instead, I think I'll go have a cupcake.

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10 Responses to “Discount Stromectol”

  1. joanna stagg Says:

    is siena really on facebook? where? is there a facebook censor? my nephews were with you on the cookies, a word which they learned how to say ON christmas day, which marked the first day they had unlimited access to cookies they could grab right off the table if they stood on tip toes. love you momma!

  2. Laura Says:

    No, Siena is not on Facebook. But I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. We’ll make sure she sends you a friend request.

    Also, I was for real about the Boxed Wine thing: tell me which ones we should investigate. In the name of research.

  3. nikki b Says:

    How old were you when you had an American Girl doll? I totally don’t remember them being around when we were kids!

  4. Laura Says:

    I was older — maybe third or fourth grade when I got my first one. I got another the following year, and I remember not playing with that one as much because I was older. But the books that come with them were interesting to me at that age, while they seem a little advanced for Siena right now. Like, a little too real — one girl’s best friend dies and one girl lost her parents in a boating accident. We’ll read those in a few years, but she loves the dolls for now.

  5. Amy Says:

    Glad to see you back online! We have to get our boys together one of these days soon!

  6. sara Says:

    Laura – it appears no one is taking you seriously about this boxed wine business…er… research. I assume you’ve tried the Black Box? (In fact, I assume we’ve tried it together, no?) The box is black – it’s SEXY. How can you go wrong with sexy wine??

  7. Andrea Says:

    Thank you

  8. Rebecca Says:

    It’s hard to come by since we live in MN, but Target sells “cubed” wine that’s pretty decent. So if you’re ever in a state that allows wine sold in Target stores, I suggest picking up a few cubes to try. Enjoy!

  9. Florie Says:

    Yay finally….i have something to read in the mother’s room at work. Its been way to long Laur. Glad to have you back online. Perhaps we can get together soon to have some wine together? Love you…

  10. Crystal (Cafe Cyan) Says:

    I totally don’t remember American Girl being around when we were younger. Guess I was too into playing Barbies and school (can’t believe I was so obsessed with playing school while going to school).

    Re: Boxed Wines – I use the Bota Box wines for sangria in the summer. We’ve also had them plain too and they are pretty decent. Good luck on the wine adventure.


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