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February 22nd, 2010

[ Celexa For Sale, Editor's Note: The majority of this post was written on. . . wait for it, 200mg Celexa. . , Celexa For Sale. February THIRD. Celexa ebay, Which I think was also the last time I remembered I had a blog. That should give you some indication of how the whole working thing is going. BUSY, is how it's going, 50mg Celexa. Celexa For Sale, But no dependents (human or feline) have gone unfed, and I think everyone's still wearing relatively clean clothes. It looks like a little blog neglect might be the worst side effect so far. Read on, Celexa australia, for a rambling post three weeks in the making. . . .]

So, Celexa For Sale. I have a new job, 500mg Celexa. Well, a couple of new jobs actually. Celexa overseas, A combination of freelance projects and website editing that all came together in the last few weeks. Since I had made a New Year's resolution to find work, meaning the steady kind with consistent paychecks (instead of the sporadic kind with infrequent paychecks that I've perfected over the last couple years), I am pretty happy about this, 250mg Celexa. Celexa For Sale, In fact, this may be the most resolution-keeping success I've ever experienced (my gym card definitely isn't getting swiped any more often than usual, even though I make that one every year). Now "Get Job" is solidly crossed off the to-do list, and I'm trying to get the hang of having the job(s). 750mg Celexa, It's not the working so much that's a challenge. It's still doing everything else we were doing before. I don't want to spend any less time with Elliot during the days (although now we sometimes "spend time together" sitting side-by-side on the couch, me with my MacBook and him with the toy laptop the kids got for Christmas), Celexa usa. I don't want to do any less cooking, cleaning, laundry, or shopping for groceries, Celexa For Sale. (I mean, I want to do a lot less of all that; in fact, 100mg Celexa, I never want to do some of those things again, but I still want them to be done every day. And done my way with care. So we're readjusting the division of household labor, 10mg Celexa, and I'm trying to take deep breaths and not freak out that OMG THE DISHWASHER IS LOADED WRONG AND THAT WILL NEVER GET CLEAN IF YOU DON'T RINSE IT FIRST.)

To free up some more time, I considered, Celexa india, for a minute, cutting back on the yoga classes I regularly attend. Matt strongly, STRONGLY, 40mg Celexa, encouraged me not to do this. Celexa For Sale, Turns out he likes me better when I consistently go to yoga. Apparently it makes me a nicer person to live with. Celexa japan, (Less scream-y about the dishwasher loading, etc.)

So for the most part, our weekday routine of yoga/kids' gym, home for games of UNO, Celexa coupon, lunch, dishes, 1000mg Celexa, laundry, etc., basically chugs along as it has since the early fall. But now work somehow takes place at the same time: a quick e-mail here, Celexa mexico, an article posted there, a muttered curse word when the phone rings just as we're heading out to meet the school bus. Celexa canada, Stress levels are slightly elevated (a month in an ashram, like in Eat Pray Love, wouldn't be enough yoga to make me an ideal housemate under these circumstances) but I think we're all adjusting.

Siena did tell me the other day that she hates my new job and that, when this job is done, she doesn't want to hear about me getting any other jobs ever again, Celexa For Sale. "If I even hear you thinking about another new job after this one, 20mg Celexa, Mama, you better just turn and walk away from it and not do it." Well. Celexa paypal, OK, then. Tell me how you really feel.

There's more I want to say about that conversation, Celexa craiglist, but it's probably going to require a separate blog post. Celexa For Sale, And a margarita.

For now, 30mg Celexa, I want to talk about the best part of my new job(s), aside from the paychecks: I get to work from home. Which was probably obvious when I stated that nothing in the routine has drastically changed, except me being glued to my iPhone for non-Facebook-related reasons, Celexa us. Anyway, I love working from home because it means that I don't have to go to work in an office. Celexa uk, Or a factory. Or any place that would require me to leave my house by a certain time and dressed in a certain manner every morning, Celexa For Sale.

I do have to leave the house on time to get Siena to the bus stop, but I can do it wearing whatever I want. Which mostly, 150mg Celexa, this winter, turns out to be Matt's red fleece sweatpants and huge boots. And then I can go home and take a shower like a normal person, or answer a work call and scramble around for a while before stopping to make Elliot a sandwich and then looking up to realize hey, it's 4:00 and Siena's home and we need snacks and dinner and wow, I should really shower before I go to bed.

Hmm. Celexa For Sale, I do not seem to be painting a glamourous picture here. Do you believe me when I tell you I still find this set-up preferable to purchasing a new wardrobe of business casual separates and driving to work every day. Because I do. And not really because of what I wear.

It's because of this:
Best officemate ever.

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7 Responses to “Celexa For Sale”

  1. joanna Says:

    hey darlin, sorry i didn’t get back to you fri. its been crisis time with my clients :) i love this post, esp cause it paints a vivid pic of what your life looks these days. in fact, it inspires me to feel like maybe I should hit yoga too. love the pic of elliot. can’t wait to see you guys!!

  2. sara Says:

    How is he getting so big?!!?!

  3. Dave Says:

    Years ago I screwed up on dishwasher loading 101. I have been told to keep my hands away from the dishwasher at all times, loading or unloading!. I’m glad you inherited the laid back dishwasher loading gene from your mother! You must continue to be an equal opportunity household, whomever has the opportunity should seize the moment. Good luck with the new balancing act! If in crisis, give us a call!!!!!!!

  4. Florie Says:

    Balancing is an understatement at times dont you think? Its all out chaos most days…but we do what we need to to provide for our babies. So happy to hear that you are happy. Did you get my email about a friday “business” lunch (with your officemate)?

  5. Cat Named Matt Says:

    I’m not even going to comment on the dishwasher…so I won’t…

    …well maybe one thing…Note to self: teach the 5 1/2 year old how to load the dishwasher from this point forward.

    Great post!

  6. Crystal Says:

    So, this is why I don’t see you on Twitter more often :(

    I’m glad you’re bringing in a steady paycheck. It’s about time I do the same and I’m preparing myself for it by getting more organized and figuring out what is going to stay and what is going to go.

    It’s nice to hear your perspective and that it CAN be done.

  7. sean Says:

    I have not been allowed to do the laundry in our house for years – best punishment I’ve ever had.


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