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August 15th, 2010

Discount Xopenex, I was lucky enough to have had six weeks off from my job this summer, and I didn't spend a single minute of it blogging. Mostly because we were out of town as many days as we possibly could have been, given that Matt still had to show up at his job from time to time.

All summer, 1000mg Xopenex, we've been home just long enough to try to relearn our former routines before blowing them to smithereens again on the next trip. We're still trying to break some of the bad habits that came with Vacation Mode -- reminding ourselves that 5, Xopenex usa, 000 calories is not actually a normal average per meal and beer really isn't a breakfast drink, nor is 10:30 p.m. an acceptable time for children to go to sleep for the night when said children will still wake up around 6:00 the next morning.

Now we're home for good and I start back to work tomorrow, Discount Xopenex. While waiting for the laundry to dry, Xopenex uk, I'm attempting to recap some of the vacationing before it gets lost in a sea of work deadlines and school supply lists in my head. Welcome to Part 1 of a five-part series. Xopenex india, (And if you're like me, and hate hearing detailed descriptions of other people's dreams or cold symptoms, you might also hate reading about trips you didn't take. To which I shrug, 10mg Xopenex, because I have to record this stuff somewhere. Discount Xopenex, How else will I ever show a sullen, pimply teenage Elliot a picture of the first fish he ever caught, an event that made him so excited he jumped up and down and clapped his hands repeatedly before tripping over a fishing line and driving a fish hook into his cousin Trey's hand. True story -- see Trip Number Three, Xopenex paypal, coming soon.)

And now, without further ado:

Trip Number 1: Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

We started the summer out right, 500mg Xopenex, with Trip Number One taking place before school had even officially ended for Siena. Thanks to our friends Sara, 30mg Xopenex, Ryan and Avery, we had the unique opportunity to see Little House on the Prairie (the musical!) and Soul Asylum (the band!) in the same weekend. Melissa Gilbert and Dave Pirner. I still can't decide who was more star-struck, Third Grade Me or Ninth Grade Me, Discount Xopenex.

At Ribfest

Here's what Modern Day Me looked like at Ribfest, 200mg Xopenex, while waiting for the awesomeness to start. (Yes, Xopenex coupon, I had to go to Ribfest to see Soul Asylum. Ribfest in Sioux Falls. Not being an eater of the ribs, this was hardly my first choice of venue, 20mg Xopenex. Discount Xopenex, But it was totally worth it when they came onstage and I saw that Dave Pirner still has the same haircut he had in the nineties. WHEN I WORSHIPPED HIM.)

Matt & Laura at Ribfest

Here's Matt, pretending he doesn't know the Screaming Fangirl he somehow has his arm around. 40mg Xopenex, Or maybe he's just trying to decide which meat product he wants to eat next.

Soul Asylum

And here's a really crappy iPhone picture of Dave Pirner himself. (OMGDAVEPIRNEROMG!)

NIN at Ribfest

Also, this guy was there, 750mg Xopenex. In his Nine Inch Nails shirt, adding to the authenticity of my attempt to relive the 90's, Discount Xopenex. Thanks, Random South Dakotan. 100mg Xopenex, Incidentally, Sara and I played an awesome game while waiting for the show to start called Being Ironic, or Hasn't Changed Since the 80's. You play it by spotting someone in the crowd wearing, Xopenex us, say, a giant scrunchie in their hair and then you try to figure out whether they are pretending to be in an American Apparel ad or just haven't updated their look in a couple of decades. Xopenex overseas, We enjoyed this so much we considered starting a blog to document our finds, a sort of Go Fug Yourself for small-town festivals in the Midwest. Discount Xopenex, It would be kind of mean but mostly hilarious. You would totally read it but pretend like you didn't when talking to people you went to college with.

Here's another funny aside about seeing Soul Asylum at Ribfest, Xopenex ebay. When they started playing, no one was moving. Xopenex mexico, Not dancing, not swaying, not even nodding their heads to the music. We commented on this several times, wondering if no one there was familiar with the oeuvre of Soul Asylum or wondering if South Dakotans just prefer to enjoy their live music in total stillness, Discount Xopenex. (I tried to make up for this apparent apathy by taking approximately 10 billion blurry pictures on my phone and screaming "I LOVE YOU" to Dave Pirner several times.) But after about five songs, 250mg Xopenex, from somewhere in the otherwise lackluster crowd, a pair of women's underwear went wafting onto the stage. Xopenex craiglist, And these weren't some little skimpy things, these were Large. White. Granny panties, Xopenex canada. Out of nowhere Discount Xopenex, . We all agreed that this more than made up for the lack of enthusiasm from the rest of the audience.

The next night was Little House on the Prairie, 50mg Xopenex, and I don't have a single picture that turned out from that night. (Yes, I documented some total stranger's NIN shirt here, yet I can't manage to show you the thrilled face of my sweet daughter as she hugged her best friend before the show or her excitement as we waited for the curtain to go up, Xopenex japan. That's what kind of mother I am, apparently.) All the pictures looked like they were taken by a six-year-old, Xopenex australia, which is weird, because I took at least half of them myself. Frankly, those were some of the worst ones, Discount Xopenex.

So you'll just have to believe me that we had a total blast at the musical too. Siena was in heaven: her favorite chapter books combined with musical theater, 150mg Xopenex, seen with her best friend since birth -- AND she got to stay up way past bedtime. I was all kinds of nostalgic for my own childhood, a lot of which was spent reading those books and watching Melissa Gilbert on TV. (Where she neverĀ sang, which was maybe an okay thing.)

Siena & Avery

Okay, I do have one picture of the besties -- shamelessly ripped from Sara's Facebook page, where she posted it shortly after it was taken, in a totally organized manner. Discount Xopenex, Because she is better at adulthood than I am.

And that concludes Summer Vacation, Part 1. Perhaps I will post the other parts before Christmas. Perhaps not. Stay tuned. . . .

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7 Responses to “Discount Xopenex”

  1. Lisa Says:


  2. Florie Says:

    Finally….I dont even want to tell you what i’ve been doing every morning at work without reading CATNAMEDPIG. Finally back to my normal routine. Thank you for being responsible and getting back to your #1 priority=blogging!

  3. Sara T. Says:

    I fully support the Ironic or Stuck in the 80’s blog! I love that idea – can I be a guest blogger by chance?!

    The guy in the NIN shirt looks like Nick Votrobeck. And he either recently purchased that shirt or hasn’t worn it since he went to the concert in 1997, as it looks like it’s in very good shape…either way, it’s tragic.

    And why haven’t I heard about the granny panties being thrown on stage yet? That is absolutely hilarious!

  4. jo Says:

    dude ribs plus soul asylum sounds AWESOME! i think people just don’t dance these days at shows like they used to. people in seattle just stand and stare at musicians like “i dare you to make me move.” miss you guys!

  5. sean Says:

    RE: unavoidable child 6AM wake-up call. — If you move to Paris, you’d get to sleep (or do whatever) until almost noon!

  6. sara Says:

    Well… it’s November 29th and I am FINALLY reading about our exciting summer weekend together! Now who is better at adulthood??? Lets brainstorm about that blog idea over wine and cheese/olives/artichoke ramekin when I am home in December. Home in Minneapolis. Where I belong. Not South Dakota.

  7. sara Says:

    p.s. i wish you could have added something about how the only reason i was drinking that GIANT white trash Budweiser in a can was because we were at a white trash festival where beer made from rice is really your only option. ooohhh… that could be good material for the mean-blog-you-hate-to-love!


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