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October 26th, 2010

Buy Flovent Over The Counter, Yes, the first day of school happened quite a few weeks ago, but I just came across the pictures and thought they should be posted here. And then I will get back to work, 1000mg Flovent, 200mg Flovent, I pinky-swear.

Here is Siena on the first day of first grade, Flovent craiglist. 150mg Flovent, Why does she look so grown-up. And what can I do to slow down the process, Flovent overseas.

Siena - 1st day 1st grade

Here she is, studiously avoiding looking at my camera, buy Flovent Over The Counter. 750mg Flovent, I guess in first grade, it's not cool to have your (sniffling, Flovent coupon, 40mg Flovent, teary-eyed) mom taking pictures in the classroom:

Siena - 1st grade 2


And here is Elliot on his first day of preschool, Flovent uk, 500mg Flovent, an event he has been looking forward to since he was old enough to toddle frantically into the classroom behind Siena every day as we dropped her off when she was a preschooler. Now, 250mg Flovent, Flovent ebay, finally, it's his turn:

Elliot - 1st day preschool

He looks very pleased, 100mg Flovent, 20mg Flovent, doesn't he. And also very aware that he is adorable, 50mg Flovent. Buy Flovent Over The Counter, Who taught him to tilt his head to the side like that and pose. Flovent australia,  A Precious Moments display case. A Littlest Pet Shop catalog, Flovent india. 10mg Flovent, I don't know.

Elliot - 1st day school

And here he is, Flovent japan, Flovent usa, dwarfed by his giant backpack.

Elliot - school

And here, Flovent paypal, 30mg Flovent, breaking my heart, running ahead of me into the preschool while I pretended like I was fine, Flovent canada, Flovent mexico, just had something in my eye, it's no big deal that my last baby is now a backpack-wearing student all hell-bent on growing up before I am ready, Flovent us, just like his sister before him. Pretty soon he probably won't even sleep with his stuffed Tiger or ask me to sing to him at bedtime. Darn it, now how am I supposed to work. My eyes are all blurry.

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4 Responses to “Buy Flovent Over The Counter”

  1. jo Says:

    It must be hard to have kids who are SO SO CUTE! Just like their momma….

  2. Andrea Says:

    oh butta boy. You have a couple of cuties there Laura, and I miss them.

  3. Andrea Says:

    Alright Laura, I liked you better when you didn’t work. I liked your kids better too. My work is boring most of the time and I can’t take this much longer. Thank you in advance for your next post. What are you waiting for?

  4. Laura Says:

    Thanks, Andrea. I liked me better when I didn’t work, too. Except there’s more wine money now. That stuff doesn’t buy itself.

    I hate to think of you being bored at work. I’ll see what I can do. :)


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