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February 6th, 2011

Discount Clonidine, Ice dams, water leaking into our cupboards, the Sisyphean chore of painting trim in the kids' rooms, and lots and lots of work. This past week, 200mg Clonidine, 50mg Clonidine, and frankly, January in general, 40mg Clonidine, 10mg Clonidine, can go fly a kite as far as I'm concerned. ("Fly a kite" being not exactly the phrase I might have used, Clonidine coupon, Clonidine us, out loud, on more than one recent occasion regarding what this winter is welcome to go do.)

Matt's birthday was the high point of the week, 250mg Clonidine, 1000mg Clonidine, but I spent 13 hours of it at work due to early and late meetings. (We went out the weekend before and on Friday night, Clonidine mexico, 150mg Clonidine, so it was still celebrated -- just not on the actual day.)

I also spent more time than usual this week working from home, which gave me the dubious luxury of all-day access to my own kitchen, 30mg Clonidine. Clonidine india, While it was nice not to be frantically attempting to pack some semblance of a normal lunch for work each day (past Work Lunch FAILS have included a large bowl of oatmeal with a small container of plain spinach on the side, and the day I just shoved half a loaf of cranberry bread in my lunch bag and called it a meal*), Clonidine paypal, Clonidine ebay, I ended up spending more "work time" than I probably should have on sandwich construction.

Still, it made me forget about the ice dams for a minute, Discount Clonidine.

The list:

  1. Morningstar vegetarian "bacon, Clonidine japan, Clonidine canada, " provolone cheese, spinach and tomato slices on an Everything bagel

  2. (Consumed not too long after Number 1, Clonidine uk, Clonidine overseas, as I was so pleased with my lunch sandwich that I decided to have another sandwich as a snack): Fake bacon, provolone, Clonidine australia, Clonidine craiglist, poached egg, spinach and tomato on thin slices of Italian white bread

  3. Cream cheese, Clonidine usa, 100mg Clonidine, tomato slices and pickles on an Everything bagel (I'm not pregnant, I swear, 750mg Clonidine, 20mg Clonidine, although I realize this sounds like a sitcom-style pregnancy craving)

  4. Poached egg over cream cheese, drizzled with Tapatio sauce, 500mg Clonidine, on the last Everything bagel (with extra sea salt)

  5. Scrambled egg, fake bacon, and cheese on two buttered toaster waffles (= awesome breakfast sandwich full of happiness, and calories)

Hmm. Lots of eggs, cream cheese, bagels. You can see the array of ingredients I was working with. I think Number 4 was my favorite. Discount Clonidine, I am planning to add hot sauce whenever possible to all future cream cheese bagels that cross my path. My advice to you is to do the same.

And that's the news from Lake Wobegon. I think it's time for a sandwich.


*My dad's family recipe for cranberry bread with orange zest and pecans is incredibly delicious. I was actually not that unhappy with myself for bringing half a loaf for lunch; however, after the fourth slice, even I was ready for something else.

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3 Responses to “Discount Clonidine”

  1. Florie Says:

    Anything with cream cheese is delicious. I didn’t need any more details other than that…..LOVE

  2. jo Says:

    i think we should create a list of all of the things we had on the run instead of a sandwich…for example, last week i don’t think i had a single sandwich due to time constraints and instead had a combination of snacks, treats, breakfast. maybe you could come to seattle and make me a laura special!

  3. Andrea Says:

    COME ON! February, Really?


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