Buy Motilium Over The Counter, So, Siena started Taekwondo back in January or February (who really remembers these things precisely. Not me. It was winter, anyway) and absolutely loves it, 200mg Motilium. Actually both kids started the class together, and for a minute they were both really excited about it, Motilium coupon, but there were a handful of challenges in having them both in the same class (different ability levels, different attention spans, etc.). After a couple months, 10mg Motilium, Elliot asked if he could be done for a while. It was hard for him to make it through the 45-minute class, and he was finding all the seriousness and discipline a bit of a downer, buy Motilium Over The Counter. (Perhaps we should look into stand-up comedy workshops or breakdancing classes for him; I think either of these would be a better fit, 250mg Motilium, personality-wise, at this point in his life.) Plus, who wants to be in a class where their older sister is constantly excelling, learning each new skill quickly and competently, Motilium australia, and demonstrating an almost uncanny ability to focus, despite all the distractions of other students and teachers practicing other skills nearby. 1000mg Motilium, Not Elliot, at any rate. As he happily tells everyone who asks, he's "taking the summer off." After that, 40mg Motilium, we'll see.

But Siena is another story all together. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, There is just nothing like the experience, as a parent, of watching your child step into something that absolutely suits them. Motilium overseas, Siena is competitive, almost to a fault, but Taekwondo is all about individual progress. If she works hard, Motilium paypal, she improves. It's that simple. 150mg Motilium, She's moved up to the "Juniors" class with kids her age and older, with her belt level (gold) and higher, and she is extremely driven to do her best in this setting. And she is physically capable of much more than I would have guessed, buy Motilium Over The Counter. Somehow, 30mg Motilium, because she's my daughter and looks a lot like me, I always think in the back of my mind that she and I are the same. 100mg Motilium, But she can do more push-ups -- at the age of 7 -- than I have ever done in my life. She can watch someone demonstrate a sequence of kicks and punches, and then recreate it, first leading with one side of the body, Motilium us, then the mirror opposite. I can barely comb my hair with my left hand. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, She runs fast and jumps high and balances on one leg while kicking with the other and is just generally very good at all of this. 500mg Motilium, I find myself constantly amazed.

Maybe this is how every parent feels, given that, at first introduction, Motilium uk, their child is usually a lump of adorable but helpless baby-ness. To see these lumps transition from three basic needs (food, Motilium usa, sleep, change diaper) into walking, talking human beings, is obviously the major miracle of parenthood and the reason mommyblogs and 70% of Facebook posts exist, Motilium ebay. It was amazing when my kids learned to talk, when their talking turned into conversation, Motilium india, when their rolling turned into crawling into toddling into kicking a soccer ball, etc. Each of these milestones is spectacular when your child achieves it for the first time; their progress endlessly riveting, buy Motilium Over The Counter. Still, you expected these things to happen at some point, 20mg Motilium. There is something insane about seeing your child -- not so long ago a helpless lump of cooing baby -- demolish a milestone you never even would have predicted for them, such as getting a new belt in Taekwondo. 50mg Motilium, We enrolled in the classes because the kids begged to take martial arts of some kind after watching a bazillion episodes of Power Rangers. Since martial arts was a better Power Rangers takeaway than say, early 90's hairstyles or obnoxious teenager attitudes, I agreed, Motilium canada. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, I thought Elliot would love it, Siena would tolerate it, and both would tire quickly as the Power Rangers infatuation waned.

Instead, we now spend three evenings a week at the dojang, 750mg Motilium, where Elliot plays with his Lego Star Wars guys while Siena does her class. I either work on my laptop or watch her, mesmerized as my first baby bows respectfully, speaks Korean, Motilium craiglist, executes complex routines of kick-punch-turn-block, and refrains from whining for an entire hour at a time. Motilium mexico, Who is this kid?

Matt's kid, that's who. Matt's and mine, but like I said, Motilium japan, she looks like me and she's a girl -- it's hard not to expect a mini-me, complete with the same strengths and flaws. Instead, she looks like me but loves math (my personal Kryptonite) and has a sense of direction that puts GoogleMaps to shame, buy Motilium Over The Counter. Rather than ask Siri where a place is, I would ask Siena every time. Matt used to practice pitching by endlessly hurling a tennis ball at a strike zone he outlined on his garage door. Siena runs through Taekwondo combinations whenever she has a minute of downtime.She asks about the score of whatever game is on and grinningly derides Packer fans at every opportunity, while I barely notice what sport we're watching. (Does anyone else think it's ridiculous that ice hockey and basketball are still going in JUNE?) Not that I need more sports fans in my household, but I love how she shares his enthusiasm. Buy Motilium Over The Counter, I guess I love how Matt and I are two different people and are raising children who reflect a combination of the two of us, plus their own unique traits. I'm glad I married an athlete so my children don't have to dread Field Day like I did, and I'm also thrilled when my children beg for poetry at bedtime. I love the new and unpredictable elements they introduce to our lives, like Taekwondo or playing Real-life Angry Birds by running and flinging themselves onto the couch. I love the random, crazy scramble of parenting and I love that I don't have to do it alone. Happy Father's Day, Matt.


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  1. Dave Says:

    The kids are growing up, each in their own way. They are still learning countless things every day, but the lessons learned are very subtle at most times. I am thankful I am able to watch in wonder and participate in the process. Your family is amazing.

  2. Andrea Says:

    Oh for goodness sake, that was lovely

  3. Laura Says:

    Wow, nice comments. Thanks, Dave and Andrea. I’m still amazed that anyone is still reading. :)

  4. Sara Says:

    So glad you are blogging again!! I love it.


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