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August 12th, 2012

Discount Motilium, Siena and I curl up on the couch to read a bedtime story. I notice a gnat or small fly or something in her hair and casually brush at it, expecting it to fly away. Instead of flying, 30mg Motilium, it scuttles deeper into her hair. I look closer and see at least three more bugs crawling. OH.

Lice, Discount Motilium.

I send Matt to Walgreen's for lice treatment and immediately begin bagging up couch pillows and washing sheets and clothes in hot water. Our washing machine and dryer don't stop churning for days, 1000mg Motilium. I check Elliot's, Matt's, and my own hair compulsively. Motilium usa, I research non-pesticide remedies and become more knowledgeable than I ever wanted to be on the life cycle of the louse. Discount Motilium, I find bugs in Elliot's curls two days later and the laundry and combing intensity ratchets up yet another level. Luckily, he still has the fine, wispy texture of baby hair and is easily combed through. Siena, Motilium craiglist, not so much. We spend hour after miserable hour combing and grousing at each other while "watching the Olympics." Siena can't see much because her head is angled down and she has hair in her eyes. I miss every stuck landing in gymnastics because I am scrutinizing strand after strand for nits, Motilium us, or trying to get the fine-toothed comb through her snarled ends without causing tears. We end each combing session exhausted and furious with each other, Discount Motilium. She resents me for hurting her, and I resent her lack of appreciation for the insame amount of patience it takes to comb two cubic feet of thick, snarled, bug-infested hair on a screaming person who hates you for doing it, 200mg Motilium. That child has a ridiculous amount of hair.


When Lice Shampoo #1 doesn't work, we treat Siena's hair with Listerine based on a friend's recommendation on Facebook. 500mg Motilium, She stinks of mouthwash for days, but I am perversely excited to comb out a bunch of dead baby lice (nymphs would be the technical term) after the treatment. Discount Motilium, These bugs are too young to have laid eggs, and I don't see any nits. I begin to dare to hope that we are breaking the cycle and getting past this Time of Awfulness.

The next day I find four adult lice in my own hair.


Having made the highly embarrassing phone call ("Hi, Motilium canada, I can't come in to the office today because I have head lice"), I call my mom and beg for help. She comes over and treats my hair, 150mg Motilium, combing it with the nit comb and patiently listening while I complain about everything. (Also worth mentioning: our air conditioner that had functioned flawlessly for eleven years spontaneously died on the 95-degree day that I had both lice-ridden kids at home with me, Discount Motilium. The guy who came out to fix it was probably terrified by the unhinged look in my eyes.)


After more than a week of High Infestation Alert, I've got the new routine down to a science: wake up before the kids, run around the lake (to reduce stress, theoretically), 750mg Motilium, come home and strip the beds, wash all the bedding on hot, comb Siena's hair, Motilium overseas, check Elliot and Matt, send them off to camp, comb my own hair, change my clothes before moving laundry from washer to dryer (to prevent anything I might have combed onto my shirt from getting into the clean laundry), dry on high heat, Motilium ebay, shower and scrub my hair, then re-comb. Throw in more laundry and re-start the dryer before heading to work. 40mg Motilium, Come home, make all the beds with clean sheets, check all the hair, sterilize all the combs in rubbing alcohol and hot water, wash all the dirty laundry from camp plus anything else the kids might have touched that's washable, Motilium japan, throw it in the dryer, collapse. I have just enough energy left over to be a complete jerk to everyone, 250mg Motilium, snapping at the kids for things like hugging ("get your heads AWAY from each other!") or daring to lie down on a couch that's recently been vacuumed, and berating Matt for failing to make lunches exactly the way I would or for loading the dishwasher wrong. Discount Motilium, *****

The combing sessions continue to take a toll on my relationship with Siena. When I'm not terrorizing her with the nit comb, I'm constantly yelling at her to keep her hair in a ponytail, does she want to give us all lice again for Pete's sake, Motilium india, and things like that. Her already teenager-ish attitude gets even sassier, just as my patience levels hit rock bottom. Motilium uk, We need a mediator just to get through conversations like "What kind of cereal do you want for breakfast?" but of course, I resent Matt for trying to mediate and do my best to make him regret stepping in.


A much-needed weekend restores much of my sanity and Siena and I plan a girls' day. We head out for brunch, school shopping, a haircut for her (thinking we just might have eradicated the lice; if not, at least a trim will make the combing easier) and a movie, Discount Motilium. We're both excited as we agree on croissants and orange juice to start our day, then are immediately thrown into conflict when she resists my choice of bakery, 20mg Motilium. I consider giving up on the whole plan and just going home to do more laundry. Instead, I manage to convince her that this particular award-winning bakery knows what they're doing when it comes to breakfast, 10mg Motilium, then we get to the front of the line and learn they're out of orange juice. I bring her lemonade to the table and she immediately launches a tirade about how she knew this was a bad idea, she knew we should have gone somewhere else, etc. Discount Motilium, Things improve when her cinnamon roll is delicious and I gently suggest she get over the bad mood or we can go home. Somehow, Motilium paypal, I find the deeply-hidden reserve of patience to say this nicely, rather than as a snarled threat, and she stops grousing. Motilium coupon, *****

We're happily chatting, Siena enthusiastically explaining something to me in her highly-detailed way (look at the length of this post; I wonder where she gets it...) when an older woman stops by our table on her way out:

"I just want to tell you how much joy it gives me to see you two together. It's beautiful."

I thank her, surprised, and after she leaves Siena asks if we know her, 50mg Motilium.

"No, I've never met her. I guess she just liked seeing us having fun together and was nice enough to say so." I find my voice catching slightly as I say this, Discount Motilium.


On the way to her haircut, 100mg Motilium, Siena tells me she wants to cut her hair to just past her shoulders. My length.

It looks adorable on her and she is thrilled with the result. I am too, and relieved that it will be easier to comb, Motilium australia, if, you know, we have to keep doing that. Discount Motilium, *****

After successfully finding all billion items on her school supply list, we head to the movie theater. Motilium mexico, I've heard good things about Brave but don't know much about the plot. I am surprised to find it's a mother-daughter story of conflict and forgiveness, of two stubborn people finding a way to love each other and accept each other's differences. I am even more surprised when Siena climbs into my lap during a particularly scary bear scene. She's eight, fiercely independent, and tough as nails. She loves to brag about how various Harry Potter scenes are "NOT scary AT ALL" to her, Discount Motilium. It's been years since she wanted to sit on my lap or even hold my hand during a movie. I wrap my arms around her and squeeze tightly, as much for myself as for her.

The movie ends and we continue to sit in the dark theater. She leans back into my shoulder, nestles her head against mine, and stretches her legs out to the empty seat in front of us. I have a fleeting vision of previously undetected lice crawling out of her hair and into mine -- is all my obsessive cleaning, combing, and overreacting about to be undone by a re-infestation. As quickly as the thought enters my mind, I answer it. I don't care.

We sit like that until the credits are over, then she slings my purse over her shoulder and we hold hands as we leave the theater.

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  1. Andrea Says:

    That is Adorable! I hope the Listerine worked, you could have called me ya know, I am a pro.

  2. Sara Turpin Says:

    Seriously so hilarious and, as usual, fabulously written! I also love a happy ending…although must admit immediately wondered if you were concerned about lice at the theater when she sat on your lap. I am glad you used all of the strength in the world to let it go…would not have been easy!


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